Easy Felt Storyboard Setup Circle Time Friendly Too!

It’s the Reigning Combo of Joy!

Few things ignite the imagination quite like a felt board in creative play. From storytelling to educational activities, these versatile tools offer endless possibilities for fun and learning. But with so many options available, which one reigns supreme? Enter the board and easel combo with a felt backdrop—the unsung hero of the felt storyboard world. Say goodbye to small felt board setups with large board and easel felt scenes. No glue. No staples. No work. Let’s dive into why this setup might be the easiest and most delightful option.

Magic of the Board and Easel Felt Combo

Picture this: a tall, sturdy easel adorned with a look-alike, sleek, and chic
Black Chalkboard felt background. This giant easel offers 21” x 22” storyboard space, a trusty board ready to display your opening scene of fuzzy felt characters. This teaching setup provides the perfect blend of stability and versatility, making it ideal for solo play and group activities.

Stability with Slant

One of the key advantages of the board and easel combo is its stability. If you already have one in your classroom, use it immediately as a storyboard display. The easel provides a slanted, sturdy foundation, ensuring your creations stay put even during the most enthusiastic storytelling sessions. Felt pieces adhere to the felt board through friction and good ole static electricity between those fuzzy fibers. Since gravity plays a role in everyone’s felt story, having a slight slant on your board helps. Plus, the durable construction of the frame means it can withstand the rigors of playtime, ensuring years of enjoyment, and can make a “Felt Board Story Center” in your classroom. (hint, hint)

Adjustable Height

Not all felt story enthusiasts come in the same size, which is why the easel’s adjustable height feature is a game-changer. I’ve seen adjustable boards and easels up to 48” high, just right for toddlers, preschoolers, and even kindergartners. Whether you’re a towering storyteller or a pint-sized volunteer, you can easily customize the height to suit your needs and your participating audience, ensuring comfortable play for everyone involved.

Portable Felt Board Play

Say goodbye to feeling tied down to one spot. This combo felt board easel idea lets you take your felt adventures anywhere. Simply fold up the easel, pack away your felt pieces and felt background, and you’re ready for playtime on the go. I’ve done this many times when teaching at my homeschool co-op. Despite its size, it is entirely feasible to handle because the one I use is light weight. My class loved it, and most likely, so will yours. Whether it’s circle time, library storytime, or a playdate at a friend’s house, this DIY felt board easel idea makes it portable to bring felt board play wherever you roam.

The Joy of Felt Creations

Now that I’ve sung the praises of my board and easel felt combo idea, here's a bonus, let’s talk about the real stars of the show: the felt creations themselves. While commercial options offered by us here at Playtime Felts are undoubtedly convenient, there’s something special about crafting your own felt characters. Here are a few quick felt story ideas to get you started:

Storybook Images & Scenes

Bring your favorite stories to life with homemade felt board figures. The possibilities are endless, whether it’s magical clouds like in the book “It Looked Like Spilt Milk” or colorful animals in “Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?”. You can find plenty of free printable story patterns on the internet. And just so you know, we’re also planning to make our own printable felt story patterns. If you haven’t signed up for our Get 1st Dibs, please do; I’d love to have you in the loop for the upcoming FREEBIE Friday goodies and new printable patterns we’ll share. 

Getting back to the subject, cut out felt pieces in “profile view” to depict story characters in action because the profile view lends itself to imagining the dialogue. Felt figures that face each other not only help children find them easier to recognize but also appear to be having a conversation. If you line them up end to end, well, they seem to be walking in processions. That’s icing on the storytime cake!

Animal Adventures

Felt animals, felt animals, felt animals... Create a menagerie of felt animals for endless imaginative play. Kids love them! From farmyard friends to exotic jungle creatures, crafting your felt animals is fun and rewarding for kids and adults alike. Add details like googly eyes or embroidery for extra personality, and watch as your fuzzy felt zoo comes to life.

Alphabet Felt Play

I am passionate about literacy. Despite not being taught phonics in my youth, I now find learning the patterns of the English language enjoyable. Do you remember the Whole-word Approach in the mid-70s? Yep, that’s a doozy philosophy and a mega-flop for me as a child, but I digress. I’ll leave that exciting story for another time, so back to fuzzy-felt feelings. 

You can transform playtime into learning with homemade felt alphabet shapes. Cut out letters of the alphabet from colorful felt: blue for vowels and red for consonants. Arrange them on the felt board to create a bottom-up method of phonics or piece together complete words to mix the sounds. Teaching depends on the skill level of your felt board audience. Two to four-letter words work best for preschool and kindergarten. These are fun and interactive ways to reinforce early literacy skills.

Oh Yeah, so about Playtime Felts... I hope It Will Become
Your Felt Board Idea Headquarters

While homemade felt boards offer a personal touch, sometimes you just need the convenience of ready-made options. That’s where we come in❣️
With a wide selection of high-quality felt board stories, 
DIY felt board and easel scenes, and preschool printable activities, we’re your growing one-stop shop for all things felt story-ish. Our commitment to lasting durability shines through in every felt set we offer.

Whether you opt for the ease of premade felt board sets or the DIY approach of homemade creations, one thing’s sure: a felt board is a timeless tool for imaginative play. So gather your felt pieces, set up your board and easel, and let the storytelling begin. The only limit is your imagination.

So there you have it: The board and easel combo with felt backgrounds offers the perfect blend of stability, versatility, and portability for endless hours of creative play. If you already have one in your classroom, please use it. Your little ones will love it. If you’re considering this option, you won’t go wrong. And while our premade options are convenient, don’t underestimate the joy of crafting your felt creations. With a bit of creative power and a colorful bundle of felt, the possibilities are truly endless. Now’s the time to let your inspiration soar!

Happy storytelling❣️
Adela O.
Playtime Felts