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Felt Board Stories

Camping Felt Board Story Set for Preschool

Camping Felt Board Story Set for Preschool

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15 Colorful Felt Pieces. Cabin, Outhouse, Flashlight, Lantern, Sleeping Bag, Backpack, Bug Spray, Fire Pit, Seven Campers. Plus Story Script and Convenient Storage Bag.

FELT BOARD STORY BENEFITS: Playful learning stretches the imagination through hands-on activities, develops fine motor skills, and broadens vocabulary. With various popular educational themes, felt board stories are an effectual teaching aid for home use, classrooms, preschool, and daycare.

*Felt Set ships within 48hours of purchase. 🚚

PRECUT and Ready to Play - No need for Velcro. We use thick high-quality felt that's easy to stick to flannel boards.

Felt Board Stories (+) Preschool Worksheets (=) Fun Storytime Activities

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